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Again and Again Review- Ruth Maille

The Power of Kindness by Ruth Maille is a fun engaging look at Kindness through the eyes of children.

Ruth first introduced the character of Orbit in her first book The Power of Positivity: The ABCs of a Pandemic. In The Power of Kindness, Orbit is asking kids what kindness is.

What is so fun about the interaction between Orbit and the kids in the story, is that their answers come from Ruth Maille’s own preschool/daycare. I love the simple and heartfelt dialogue that communicates Kindness on a young child’s level. The vivid pictures and unique characters help communicate the power of kindness.

This book has also won several awards for its sweet message.

In the third book in the Power of Series, the Power of Gratitude: Unlocking Hidden Treasures, Ruth returns to an ABC style of story discussing what gratitude is. In this book, Orbit helps the children understand that even when things don't go as planned and as disappointing as it feels, you can choose to look at the positive and still feel thankful. Orbit uses the example that practicing gratitude is like exercising your muscles. The more you practice, the better you become. Orbit invites the children to go on a gratitude hunt using the alphabet to guide them.

These books are great for kids 4-8. Kindness and Gratitude are big concepts that are hard for young kids to understand. With great books like these, we can help our kids not only understand their world but understand their impact on it.

Check you my interview with Ruth and hear more about her books and her heart for kiddos HERE

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Ruth Maille is a relationship coach and owner of a daycare/preschool for 30+ years. By using the tools she acquired in both professions; she has had the privilege of helping many families. Her passion for writing comes from years of reading children’s books in both her personal and professional life. She is grateful for the opportunity to help children learn to use their imaginations to embark on make-believe adventures and hopes that her books will teach children lifelong values and inspire them to be anything they choose. Ruth is the mom of three amazing adults.


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