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Travel Log

Star Date 6-14-2021. We are 16 days into Summer territory. The crew are restless, the snack supplies are diminishing rapidly and there are questions between commanders about the mission.

It’s time for a change of scenery.

Whether you take to the skies or to the open road, going on vacations are a great for our mental and physical health.

The Romans were the first civilization to indulge in what we’d now consider traveling for pleasure. But, rather than the one to two weeks we manage to get away for, wealthy Romans would look to get away for a staggering two years! Tony Perrottet - author, historian and traveler - explained that the Romans were the first nation to travel because foreign vacations required a period of peace and prosperity. The Roman Empire was the first civilization to enjoy such a period and put the infrastructure in place to allow for vacations to happen.( Source)

  1. There’s something to look forward to – We all prefer to have something planned on the horizon, even if it’s months from now. Having an upcoming vacation can help relieve the stress of work or a busy family life.

  2. You’ll catch up on sleep – All vacations are different, but most getaways include many long-overdue nights of uninterrupted sleep. (* Obviously this researcher didn't have kids) You can finally sleep in for the first time in months! Even if you don’t get more hours, we seem to get a more restful sleep when away from the hustle of the everyday.

  3. Vacations offer new perspectives – Families and couples usually travel to new or exotic places. These locales often help broaden our horizons. You’ll meet new people, experience new cultures, and try new foods and activities.

  4. You’ll return happier – This one is simple, yet some people still believe vacations are equally as stressful as everyday life. That’s why it’s important to know yourself. Some people are stressed without a detailed itinerary while others don’t like to be locked into a schedule. Do what makes you happy, and remember to try activities that everyone enjoys.

  5. Vacations relieve stress – One of the main reasons why vacations are important is the fact that they significantly ease stress. If you’re vacationing correctly, there comes a perfect moment when you entirely forget about the workplace.

  6. Vacations increase productivity – Proven data shows that vacations increase productivity. Happy, stress less, and energetic employees almost always produce a better product. There’s still going to be highs and lows, which is why it’s important to take periodic not overly lengthy vacations.

  7. Vacations are good for the body and mind – People who periodically vacation are proven to have healthier hearts and mindsets. Stress less and happy people, not surprisingly, usually have stronger mental health and healthier bodies.

One thing to keep in mind, when you are traveling with your kids. Kids don’t need big or elaborate. Just a night in a hotel is exciting for a kid. A new experience and new place, even if it’s in the same city can be made into a great family vacation.

One thing the above list, from Travel Resort Services, doesn’t list is that vacations create memories and memories create relationships. And relationships are what being a family and being a parent is all about. And nothing will bring you closer than belly laughs on the beach or a stomach bug sweeping though a cabin in Oklahoma.

Make a plan and get out there.

Where do like to travel?


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