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Woodpecker Theology

Have you ever felt like a Woodpecker?

You keep trying for a goal but keep feeling like you’re just banging your head on the wall.

I love how nature can be the method God uses to talk to us sometimes, me most of the time.

I was on a run one morning a few years back, and I heard a Woodpecker hammering on a tree in the early morning light.

I was surprised at how loud it was, and truthfully it made my head hurt. Then I asked, why does the woodpecker keep banging its head on the tree, and God told me because he knows what will nourish him is just beyond the surface. He’s been made to find nourishment and been given the tools to take hold of that source of life.

It was six in the morning, so it took a little more running and a cup of coffee for these thoughts to culminate and truly sink in.

But it also got me thinking about how Woodpeckers are made.

Amazing to think that they were designed with built in airbags, which don’t allow all their banging to hurt them in any way.

Looks crazy from the outside, sounds like it hurts, nor can those on the outside see what the woodpecker knows if there.

Just like us as Christians, we keep doing the same thing, Church, study, serve and often get questioned and seen as crazy or having a crutch, but we know something unbelievers don’t. We know what we are doing is for our good and nutrition. We know life is found in our action, and we are made to search and know God’s truths.

We long to know what rules the universe because built within us is the desire to know the Creator.

We long to belong and be known, because we were made to be known and intimate with God.

We search this world for substitutions, searching for things to worship, ourselves, our stuff, or other people's stuff, because we were made to worship the King of Kings and creator of all things.

It looks crazy from the outside, but we, those you believe in Christ, know where true life is found. Just like the Woodpecker knows that beneath the surface of the tree is what will give him life.


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