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Press Kit

Valerie Fentress

Two Sentence Bio
Valerie Fentress writes simple stories with biblical truth. She wants to remind children, who God is and who God says that they are. 
Short Bio
Valerie Fentress is a mom of three boys with a passion for growing a love for God in young kids. Whether that is in the books and articles she writes or on Sunday morning as a preschool storyteller. Her book An Easter Bunny's Tale was an AWSA Christian Picture Book finalist. Valerie considers books a love language and loves talking about children's books on her BookWorthy Podcast. (coming October 2023)
a retelling woven with biblical truth for ages 4-8. A reminder to kids and children at heart that their identity and strength come from the Lord.
an Easter picture book seeking to use our culture's Easter bunny to point to Christ instead of candy.

Sample Questions

  • What do you hope to communicate in your books?

  • What are your favorite children’s books?

  • Do your kids give you inspiration for your books? 

  • How long have you been writing? 

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Speaking Topics

For Readers (School/Library)
How an Idea Becomes a Book
Walk through the steps of how a book goes from idea to the bookshelf and discover how you can do hard things if we believe in ourselves and are willing to do the work to get there.
How to Build a Story -talk or workshop
Stories are so much fun but how do you write a story. Follow along with a familiar tale to discover the building blocks of a good story so you can write one of your own.
An Easter Bunny's Tale
Listen to a reading of An Easter Bunny's tale and discover how you can be a gospel bunny this Easter.
For Woman's/Parenting Groups
Recent Interviews
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2023-03-24-StoryJumpers-AnEasterBunnysTale-ValerieFentress-Episode (2).png
  • Parenting the Out of the Box Kid: Managing my heart will managing a child with learning challenges

  • Battle of the Screens: How to set healthy boundaries with screens for you and your kids
  • The Top 5 Things our kids need to know about God
For Writers

How to Keep Writing from Being a Pain in the Neck. A discussion on ergonomics and movement as writers sit and write their hearts out.

The ABC of Social Media Marketing -Come out of this workshop with a greater understanding of how social media works and how you can serve your audience.

How to use Art to fuel your Creative Tank (Even if you’re not ‘creative’)- Use Art therapy techniques to fuel your creative spirit, connect with God, and refill your creative cup.

- Yeti Nano Microphone
- Edifier Gamer Headset
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