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2020 In Review

I think we can all say that 2020 has been a Bingo Game of catastrophes.

Fires, Murder Hornets, Double Hurricanes, Pandemic, everyone is Homeschooling, Riots, Toilet Paper Shortage, Coin Shortage, Sanity Shortage, etc.

Many people I know choose a ‘word’ to encompass their goals for the year, for 2020 I had a phrase. Even back in January, I decided that 2020 would be my ‘Hard but Good’ year.

Each month seemed to provide a new challenge either prompted by my own goals or by what was going on in the world.

January I started Regeneration, a year long Biblically based 12-step program to deal with some heart issues that were hindering my relationship with God.

February, I started up Camp Gladiator to deal with my back issues and other health things that needed attention.

March, this is when the Spring break that never ended began. This was my first year to have all my kiddos in public school, so by March I was living the good life until the Pandemic turned us all into Homeschool families. So I had to readjust my expectation here. Might have baked a lot of cookies, as a coping mechanism.

April, we got into a groove and I was really enjoying family bike rides, game nights, and pouring into my kids spiritually. This is also about the time the kids started getting sick of each other and the WWE smack downs started picking up in frequency.

May, Texas turned on the heat and we stared at the community pool like a dog sitting next to a full dinner table. This is also when all of our summer plans disappeared. We were all feeling the corona-blues at this point.

June, Virtual school ended and everyone felt a weight lifted, and the stay-at home order loosened a little bit. We might have shed tears of joy when the local water park decided to open its gates. It felt so good to go and do something away from the house.

July was the hurry up and wait month. Wait and see if the community pool would open. Wait and see if school would open its doors. Binge 2020 Meme’s and wondering how to factory reset the year.

August seemed like a return to some normalcy. Kids were ecstatic to go back to school, and I made a plan to start this blog and work toward self-publishing children’s stories. (More on this in a couple weeks)

September, we snuck in a family vacation and slid into Baseball season with joy and enthusiasm.

October, I reached the top of the proverbial hill and turned 40. Started my blog, and for guilt and punishment agreed to make my kids costumes this year.

November, I dove head first into NANOWRIMO. For the first time reaching my goal of 50,000 words!!!! I learned a lot about myself and priorities during this month.

December has been a wind down and prep for a new year. I’m reminding myself that we were built for work and service even before the curse of sin. And anything worth doing is worth working hard on.

2021 Here we come.


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