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5 Types of Kids on the First Day of School

If you’ve been around here a while you know I love a good personality test.

kids running

But no matter which personality test I take, it’s different every time. I think my moods are often their own personality.

No matter if you are a Myers Briggs fan or and Enneagram junky, I propose that on the first day of school you encounter Five personalities. Let me know which one you were at school in the comments.

a girl sharing a marker with another kid at school table

#1 The Future Principle

This is the kiddo that is amped and ready to go. They have a love of school supplies and follows the rules to a tee. They maybe even want to play school on school holidays, and is always ready to hep the teacher with an enthusiastic raised hand.

#2 The Shy Kid

shy kid

This will be the quiet one. The child that is willing to be there, but shows little enthusiasm. They will often be a good rule follower most of the time, but might lean toward being the sneaky goofball when no one is looking. ( I have one of these)

#3 The Crier

I will argue this one might be the most manipulative or the genius depending on your perspective. (I have one of these) This kiddo will love school, but on that first day the only emotion available is tears. Change is hard, but they know the power of their emotions.

Now I’m not saying there is some real emotion and concern here from the child in question.

kid crying

Our child’s emotions should always be evaluated carefully, because they can be warning flags to other things. So get the teachers and councilors involved when the pattern is continuing. But if we are not careful they will be the ones that will vomit on command to get what they want. (been here, done that.) So with these highly intelligent emotional kiddos be cautious on how you approach and move forward. This will be just a season, they will flourish and fine another school personality soon enough.

#4 The Sibling

brother and sister smiling

This one has ruled the school prior to being a student in the halls. Their brother or sisters have walked the halls before them, and made a clear path for the Sibling’s natural take over. There is often a ‘I’ve got this’ attitude, and at time a lase faire attitude with the rules. They have confidence to boot, but may give the teachers a little bit of trouble.

two kids giving a hug

# 5 The Buddies

These kiddos have been attached at the hip throughout the preschool years, and have no plans on stopping now. These kiddos sometimes have trouble making new friends at first, being fiercely loyal to their preschool friends. But over time they expand their circle to other, but always holding a space for their buddy.

Now each of these First Day of School personalities, change as they move through the school year. Some kids might hit each one during the 177 days of school. But each need the same encouragement toward kindness and perseverance as the kids next to them.

Just like personality tests aren’t always a clear picture of who we are, who our kids are within school walls isn’t always who they are at home. More on this next week.

So which kiddo were you on your first day of school?

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