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Again and Again Review

This month we're taking a look at indie author Sarah Allison's debut picture-book, Audrey-saurus

Fun Spunky and breaking the mold.

Audrey- Saurus is the book I wish I had, when I was a little girl.

I see so much of myself in this sweet little book. I wasn’t your typical tea party, doll and princess girl growing up. I’d rather climb trees, dig in the mud for dinosaurs and rummage through the garage for hidden treasures. My childhood was an adventure and I defiantly stomped to the beat of my own drum.

Audrey-Saurus is spirited, silly, and totally obsessed with dinosaurs. She stomps to the beat of her own drum, and that's just the way she likes it. She loves to wear her sunglasses upside down, shoo monsters away with fly swatters, and eat frozen waffles straight from the freezer! Join her as she adventures her way through the day and does things exactly her own way!

This is such a fun and joy filled book. Author Sarah Allison does a great job communicating the vibrant and unique qualities of her main character, who ‘likes to stomp to the beat of her own drum’.

I love the embrace who you are message woven throughout the book. A character that breaks free of expectations and does things her way. The fact that is inspired by her own daughter, makes this book even more precious.

I would love to see other stories with this character facing questions and problems to see how this creative personality would conquer the world.

Check out an interview with Sara on IG-Live Thursday March 31st at 7pm or on my YouTube Channel if you miss the live event.

Sarah Allison is an author, elementary school teacher, and a “big goal” person. She grew up in Southern California and currently lives in Houston, Texas with my husband and 2 daughters.

Find out more about her and her books at


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