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Again and Again Reviews

Welcome to a new series in this blog.

Every so often I’m going to toss out a Children’s book and give my thoughts on it. I’ve called it Again and Again Reviews, because I’ve noticed a trend in children’s books where the last sentence contains the word Again. Which leads to the child listening to say again and again, once the book is done. If the kiddo wants the book again and again, then I should be willing to share that book with you again and again.

This month, I’m talking about Quinn’s Promise Rock by Christie Thomas.

In the last few years, anxiety has crept up on my boys from time to time. Each of the three struggling at different times like a game of anxiety hot potato.

When my youngest showed a lot of behavioral issues due to anxiety, I was on the hunt for Children’s books that spoke to this struggle. With Quinn’s Promise Rock by Christie Thomas I struck gold.

This sweet book follows a precious owl named Quinn, as he struggles with the idea of being lost. Quinn is consoled by his father and taught the overwhelming and confusing lesson that God is always with us.

The book focuses on

· build a firm foundation of trust in an all-present and loving God.

· develop a goodbye ritual that will help when it's time to leave mom and dad.

· learn that their worries are normal.

· learn the truth of God's omnipresence, which is a big word meaning that he is everywhere!

Christie Thomas does an amazing job speaking God’s truth in a way that can lead to deeper discussion of who God is and why we are important to him. It speaks to both the security we find in a parental figure and in God.

This is a sweet book to introduce Biblical truths to preschool kiddos, and I would read it again and again.


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