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Discovering Trick and Truth with your Kids

Do you know the difference between a trick and the Truth?

$20 bill

Let me ask you this, how does someone recognize a counterfeit $20 bill?

A counterfeit expert doesn't sit around looking at counterfeit bills. They study the original for hours upon hours. So, when they see a counterfeit bill it's so obvious to them because they know the real deal so well.

Our world is a confusing place, even between two people who say they are both Christians. In our culture, the Church has become so divided that it’s hard to know what God says is true. And our kids are not immune to this division. In fact, they are often the target of the spiritual battle that is going on in our world.

So, how do we as parents respond?

I talk a lot around here about being proactive instead of reactive. I even talked on it in my post last week “The Darkside is Trending” (LINK)


There is a misconception that I heard once that is very powerful. Christianity isn’t a cruise ship but a battleship. No not the board game.

If we as Christ's followers were to train like the men and women that patrol and fight for our country, what a force for the gospel we would be.

This all comes back to where we define truth. I know this can be a sticky subject, but we know the source of truth is God. He has given us his Word, through the Bible, so that we can know what He says is Truth.

October Devotional for kids

In order to know what truth, we have to be able to recognize the lies. I’ve put together a Trick or Truth 31-day Challenge.

I will be the first to say that this concept is not something I came up with on my own. I saw it on Pinterest once, and then could never find it again when I was ready to print all the things. So, I had to make my own, which I’m happy to share with you.

Here’s the Challenge-

Every night at dinner in the month of October, pull out a pumpkin card. Read the statement on the front and have the members at the table guess whether the statement is a Trick or a Biblical Truth.

open envelope1
open envelope2


On the inside of each card is the answer as well as Bible verses that support that answer. Other verse references are available on the back for further study and discussion.

It is so important in this changing culture to remind ourselves and our kids of the truth of God.

Take the month of October to go through common lies and misconceptions about God’s truth, so that we can be discerning of this broken world’s TRICK and savor the TREAT of God’s Truth.

31 Reminders of what God says is True.

trick or truth download


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