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Goals and Plans

Okay, in truth I am afraid to write this blog post.

Because if I put my plan out there in the cyber-void, I might be expected to follow through with things. Follow through can be a stumbling block for me. I can get so wrapped up in expectations that I throw the covers over my head and refuse to come out. So, adult of me I know.

But this whole Blog/Books goal has been a leap of faith. A chance to say yes to God instead of saying yes to my fears.

So here I am, proclaiming my plan and goals for 2021.

I hope to continue a weekly blog post as I have been doing since my 40th birthday. I am also planning the release of my first children’s book in August or September. I was originally hoping to release something in February, but finding the right illustrator is important. So that book will have to wait till 2022.

So, where I am in these goals?

I have planned and prepared blog posts through October of this year, with most of them already written. We’ll be chatting on gardening, mental health, parenting, summer fun, and more.

The children’s book for August is written, edited, and I’m currently working with an illustrator.

The planner in me is on point, now to get the little girl inside of me with all the glitter to focus and follow through.

What are you hoping to follow through with this year?

Ten points if you can name the movie the above picture is from.

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Jan 18, 2021

Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark. So proud that you have taken this step of faith. What you will learn and how you will grow is for God to reveal.

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