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Key Truth for Kids About God: Week 4

Key Truth: God Never Changes.


One of my favorite idioms is: the only thing that never changes is the fact that things always change.

Change is something that is always hard to accept no matter the age. At least for adults we’ve had time to adjust and create coping mechanism, some good and some not.

But for kids, change can really rock their world. Even little changes in the brand of corn dog can cause a meltdown. (We had a bad experience) So for our kids to know that God doesn’t change it brings a wave of peace. Almost like the magic of a lovey (some experience here too)

But in this key truth is also a lot of confusion.

Because just like God’s goodness is beyond our comprehension so is his consistency.

Pastor Gregg Matte, explained it in a sermon once that God is equally Father, Friend, King, and Judge. He is equally all of them all the time. He is unable to ignore any part of his nature.

Looking at this with my human eyes, seems impossible. Because it has only been lived out by one man in all of human history. JESUS!

But doesn’t’ that just take a little load off your shoulders?

It does mine.

Because God is self-existent, eternal, self-sufficient, and the creator of all things, we as the created cant fully understand the one who created.

From a recent study on Genesis the teacher said that nothing is too big (galaxies) that God can't handle, and nothing too small (plankton/seeds) that he doesn't care about.

But this is why nature and the Bible are so important to communicating this key truth to our kids.

“The Lord is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” – Hebrews 13:8

Over and over in scripture God communicates his character, his heart and his power.

He wants us to know him. He wants to reveal himself and his plan to us. Teaching our the stories of the Bible, might be boring a times, even to our kids, but if we remind our kids that these stories don't change, because God doesn't change. Though often our perspective can, hence why you're never too well versed in the Bible to stop studying it. It always has something to tell us about God and ourselves.

But also making notes in nature or in life of how things change and reminding our kids that God never changes helps this truth take root in our young kids hearts and minds.

God's very own creation does an amazing job of communicating his qualities. Every moment matters with our kids.

Many Blessings!


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