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Meet the Kindness Elves

an Elf-on-the-Shelf Alternative

Almost nine years ago I brought into our family The Kindness Elves.

Kris, Kringle, and Jo were elves in training, whom Saint Nick had sent to learn about the Christmas Spirit from my kids.

This was my creative effort to teach my kids how Christmas is about giving. The goal was to do twenty-five activities and random acts of kindness to take the ME, ME, and Mine out of the holiday.

Every morning Kris, Kringle, and Jo would be somewhere around the house with a mission of kindness. Think of a less creepy elf-on-the-shelf concept.

The Kindness Elves would arrive on November 30th on our front doorstep (care of some sweet neighbors) inside a box with Christmas Jammies and our Jesse Tree Supplies.

Then on the morning of December 1st, the kids hunt for the elves and their first mission.

Some of our missions would be to take candy canes to the postal workers or the crossing guards. One of the hardest ones for my kids was leaving 25 cents taped to the little candy machines at the grocery store. But it is a great moment to talk about Acts 20:35, ‘it is better to give than to receive.’ The candy would bring momentary joy but think about the joy those coins would bring a joy that sticks with you much longer.

Other ‘missions’ were to go see Christmas lights or a living nativity at a nearby church. One has been to gather toys to donate to a charity.

These have been fun things for us to do as a family, but don’t add more to your Christmas than you miss the sweet simple heart behind Jesus’ birth. Jesus came in such a simple manner. Without busyness and fanfare. Though his coming should be shouted from the mountaintops because of what that means for our redemption and freedom. But if all the ‘Christmas things’ make you miss the simple message that he came for YOU, then don’t add more to the calendar.

But take time to sit and savor God’s love for you.

Make the Kindness Elves a part of your holiday with this FREE PDF Download, full of Random Acts of Kindness and a ton of family fun.

Merry Christmas!


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