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Reclaiming St. Patrick’s Day

Yes, I know today is Valentine's Day. But time seems to move so fast these days that I want you to be prepared. So after your flowers, chocolate, and date night, let's chat about St. Patrick's Day.

I know a lot of people may not actively celebrate this one, other than wearing a green shirt that day, but I’m Irish so I make a little bigger deal out of it.

But when I wanted to do something more than wear green and cook and Irish meal, I couldn’t really find any holiday traditions that really celebrated the saint the day is named after. Other than parades and drinking Guinness, which is not really my speed.

So, our family decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s missionary efforts in Ireland, by praying for missionaries all over the world from March 1st to March 17th. This is how we do it. I have one old globe that is not geographically correct by modern mapping. But this globe becomes the centerpiece of our dining table during these three weeks (Even if Easter falls somewhere in here- which has only happened once)

Every evening at the dinner table we spin the globe and then point to a country. The country the finger lands on is the one we pray for before we eat. It has been so sweet to hear my boys pray for countries they cannot pronounce and developing a heart for missions.

Check out this 17-Day Prayer Guide for Saint Patrick’s Day PDF. Recipe Links for an Irish meal included.

Happy Valentines!


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