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18 Summers

18 Summers

54 months

1638 days

That’s assuming your kiddos are out of school the first of June to the first of September, which usually isn’t the case.

There is such a trend to be busy and rush about. To make sure as parents we expose our kids to experiences and opportunities we may not have had. If you look at the numbers above it’s convicting to see how little time we have to really pour into to our kids.

One thing 2020 forced us to do is to slow down and spend time together. Don’t think that quarantine was a cake walk over here. We usually teetered between Nature Wildlife documentary and the WWE. But we learned how to spend time together. We invested in relationships and creativity. A year later, our poor dog still expects two to three walks a day.

I say all this to remind us that summers are precious commodities. At our house summers are a time of rest, reconnection and renewal.

But there is so much nothingness is summer, we have to find a way to survive. Over the next few weeks, we’ll talk about how to survive. Today I want to encourage you to think through a few things. Because any survivalist will tell you than in order survive you need a plan. Before you can make a plan, you have to set the goal.

Setting the Goal

When my oldest was finishing up kindergarten, and I would once again have three boys between the ages of five and one at home all day everyday I knew I needed a plan. But the options were overwhelming, and when I get overwhelmed, I shut down into paralysis by analysis. I know I couldn’t stay in a place of paralysis. The school days were counting down, and three little men were dependent on me for their summer plans. So, I had to sit back and think about four questions.

What was my goal as a parent?

Big question, sure there’s the goal to raise self-sufficient good citizens that will contribute to society. But more than that is what type of men do I want my boys to be. What do I want them to be aware and take notice of? What do I want them to appreciate and value? I’m sure I could go off on this for another few hours, and maybe I will another day.

As I thought about this broad question, my goal came down to two things. I want my boys to first be creative and second to know about and appreciate God’s beauty.

Yay! I had a goal! Now I could plan and shape our summer to be in line with those goals. What is your goal in your parenting? Take the time and truly think it through. What do you wish your parents had done and what do you want your kiddos to value when they’re no longer living in your home?

Start there then check back in next week and we’ll ask a few more questions and give you some tools to make your summer memorable.

Download my FREE Summer Survival Guide​ PDF HERE for other tips and tricks.

Feel Free to share the link with other moms that might have the deer in the headlights look at the mention of summer.


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