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Again and Again Book Review

I am so excited to share this sweet author with you this month.

Regina Stone Matthews and I are a part of the same writing critique group. I've had the joy of getting to know her and her books over the last year. She is such a fun and wise woman.

She has published multiple books both children's and non-fiction for adults and has her own stack of awards to go with them.

In The Ant and the Hill, imagine you're a little ant and you need to climb a gigantic anthill. How will you ever get to the top of that hill? Do you scream and cry? Do you jump up and down? What do you do?

Well, Little Ant is faced with that exact problem. Maybe it's time to ask for help. Where to start? There must be someone out there who could help.

Follow Little Ant as each helper comes along and tries to get him to the top of the anthill.

This fun and relatable story for young kids ages 4-8. Life can be tricky and tasks seem too big. But the determination this little ant has is something we all want in our own kids. But the truth of the story is so sweet that in truth it is God who helps us do all things.

Happy Reading!

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Regina Stone Matthews was born in Columbia, South Carolina. She currently, lives in Richardson, Texas with her husband, David. She has three daughters and six grandchildren. She's loved writing and telling stories her entire life.

She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators-Texas North Central/Northeast Chapter. She is a member of The North 40 Storytellers Guild since March 2011 which has helped her so much in crafting of stories.

She gets asked a lot about why she writes. She always gives this answer:

"I write in the hopes that my words will touch the heart of a child and make a difference in their life. I write in the hopes that somewhere someone will read my words and be inspired by them. If those who read my books are left with a message that lifts their spirit in any way, then I would consider myself a successful author. Why else do I write? I write because I love it."


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