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Again and Again Book Review

It's time to blast off with a new book review!

This month we're looking at Brock Eastman's Edge of the Galaxy: 30 Faith-filled Adventures. You can see the unboxing of this book on YouTube.

Since unboxing this book, I've had a hard time keeping track of it. My kids keep picking it up and running off with it for hours. Seems like a good problem for a kids' devotional, but a challenge for writing a review.

Brock Eastman is no stranger to the, Again and Again, Book Review Crew. He has written over forty books for kids from board books to chapter books and even helped with some of the Adventure in Odyssey- Imagination Station Books.

With Edge of the Galaxy, Brock has taken his love of science and God to weave together a devotional that reads like an adventure story.

This faith-filled adventure follows the Greystone family as they prepare to colonize Titan, a moon of Saturn. But as the family prepares, Gavin faces some challenges that aren't so out of this world. In each chapter, Gavin faces situations that test his integrity, character, and faith.

Which is rounded out with a quick and relatable devotion at the end of each chapter.

Your kids won't feel like they are reading a devotional but will still get Biblical truth woven within the pages.

Be sure to join Brock Eastman and me on Instagram Live on April 27th at 1 PM CDT. We'll be talking more about this book, science, and Brock's alter ego, Dr. Fizzlebop.

Join us!

Brock Eastman is passionate about marketing and storytelling. He previously was a producer and podcast host for Adventures in Odyssey. He is the author of The Quest for Truth series, Daddy's Favorite Sound, Mommy's Favorite Smell, Bedtime on Noah's Ark, Sages of Darkness series, Imagination Station series; Showdown with the Shepherd, Faith, and Science with Dr. Fizzlebop: 52 Fizztastically Fun Experiments and Devotions for Families. He writes feature stories and the Dr. Fizzlebop recurring column for Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. magazines. He is also the co-host of the Story Biz podcast and host of Tyndale Kids' Summer Camp. He loves cooking doing puzzles with his wonderful wife and reading stories to his four kids each night.


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