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Again and Again Book Review

Welcome to the first Again and Again review of 2023.

We're taking a little break from the Friendship topic of the month to introduce you to a new book and a new author.

I am so excited about all the authors and books I’ll get to share with you this year.

The first book of the new year is Wonderful Marvelous Miraculous You by Abbey Feldkamp.

This whimsical, rhyming board book is a gem. Filled with sweet truth for little ears as well as the truth of where our value comes from. From God alone.

This world wants to tell us we can’t and won’t. That we’re not special enough or pretty enough, so the sooner our kids hear the truth about who gives them value the better. Even as an adult, I need the simple reminder that I am Wonderfully Marvelous and Miraculous. It’s something I too often forget. I can’t wait to see the next generation have confidence in the Lord because of books like this.

Don’t forget to join us on Thursday at 1 PM CST on Instagram as we talk to Abbey about her book and inspiration.

BE SURE to enter my Again and Again Book Giveaway before Wednesday 11:59 PM. I’ll announce the winner during my chat with Abbey. You can find out the details and enter HERE.

Abbey Feldkamp has a passion to create any kind of art that fuels her soul. She is a photographer and flower farmer and just wants to create beauty in this world. God has always woven a meticulous winding path of creative endeavors within her life because he knows that’s what fills her cup. Her house is almost always messy, unorganized, loud, and full of so much love. Abbey loves to see the humor in life, and that very much helps her to appreciate her kids to the fullest!

She also blogs about faith, flower farming, & motherhood


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