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Again and Again Review- Josie Siler

This month we are talking about Howie’s Broken Hee-Haw by Josie Siler.

Okay, I will try to contain myself here, but I love this book and this author. Both are SUPER SWEET!

Not only did Howie and my Easter Bunny Tale book battle it out on the Amazon New Release Best Seller List back in March, but I had the pleasure of meeting Josie face to face this last June at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. She was a joy.

Howie’s Broken Hee-Haw is a story from the perspective of the donkey colt that Jesus rode on Palm Sunday into Jerusalem. From the back cover:

“Howie has a broken Hee-Haw and it makes him mad! No matter how much he practices, he can’t get it right.”

I think we all can relate to this precious little donkey. The sweet message that we are all made with a purpose to glorify God, even if that looks different than everyone else, is timeless. This is such a hard concept for young kids to understand. For we all want to be understood and belong. Howie's journey is so much like our own journeys of self-discovery. You and your kids will love discovering Jesus' purposeful love along with Howie.

The book is intended for ages 2-7 with it easy to read passages and lively pictures. This book is a great gift for young kids or to add to the grandparent’s library. You will fall in love with Howie as much as our family.

Don’t forget to join Josie and me on Instagram LIVE on December 1st at 1 PM CST. You will fall in love with Josie and Howie just like I have.

Josie Siler is passionate about helping people find joy in their journey. She’s a small-town Wisconsin girl with big dreams. As an award-winning author and photographer, Josie shares God’s gifts of beauty, hope, and adventure with people who are overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, encouraging them to walk in the freedom and joy found in Jesus.

Josie especially wants children to understand how much God loves them and that He is there for them not only in good times but in hard times too.


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