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Again and Again Review

I am so excited to share with you this month's Book Review. It is a series of books based on a Radio series you might have heard of: Adventures in Odyssey.

Adventures in Odyssey are on constant playback in my car and have made car rides short and long full of adventure and lessons in living a Christ centered life.

Back when my oldest was in second grade is when I discovered there was a book series, let us just say we quickly became big fans. My youngest is in the middle of them right now.

This amazing series of early chapter books take kids not only through some biblical events, but other world history events and how people of God played a part in history.

This series is intended for young readers growing in their reading confidence. It is written on and 3-4th grade level for kids ages 7-12.

This month the 28th, yes that's right the twenty-eighth book in the series released, entitled Islands and Enemies.

Trust and Loyalty. Hope and History.

Patrick and Beth board the Victoria in 1521 on its journey to try and sail around the world. But they make a bad first impression when they meet Captain Ferdinand Magellan. The cousins are accused of being witches and must prove their innocence. The crew members watch their every move, looking for an excuse to throw the cousins overboard.

Not only is there trouble on board the Victoria, but there is tension between Beth and Patrick. I really appreciated seeing the tension between the two kids, and how they handled it in a kid-like manner. As they watch the loyalty and arguments of those on Magellan's mission, they learn how important loyalty and trust are in a relationship of any kind.

Imagination Stations is never shy of adventure and showing kids how faith has been such a large part of world history. This book even shows great interpersonal skills in working through conflict and forgiveness.

This is a great book to add to your Imagination Station Collection.

Happy Reading!

Marianne Hering has been one of the masterminds behind the Imagination Station series for over a decade.

She has been a professional writer and editor at Focus on the Family for more than a decade and lives in Colorado, which is a beautiful place. That beauty makes it difficult for her to stay inside. But she does to write books for you and your family.


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