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Are You Ready??

I can’t believe it’s time to tell you what I’ve been working on.

To tell you what you can bring in to your home come September/October.

Are you ready?

Are you scrolling ahead??

Without Further Aude, may I introduce you to….. my title.

Beneath the Hood

Little Red has been asked by the King to deliver a basket to a woman on the other side of the woods. It is her task alone, but can she trust herself to stay on the path? Will the Big Bad Wolf lure her to step away from the King’s errand? Can she remember that she’s a child of the King, and trust that she can accomplish her task?

This story is a story of identity and courage. It took me forty years to come to terms with who is in control of my identity and value. With this book I desire to empower kids and parents to have a conversation about identity and how God’s definition is the best and the truth. We are all children of God, wholly and dearly loved. And we don’t walk this path of life alone. Though there is an enemy wanting to distract us and pull us away from a life of serving God, God is faithful to give us the strength and courage to continue on.

Can't wait to share more with you in the months to come!!!


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