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God Speaks

Have you ever heard God’s Voice?

Last week we talked about the importance of abiding with the Lord to allow him to tend to our heart and not let the weeds of sin take firm root.

Apart from making the time to sit and be still with the Lord there is also the challenge of hearing and understanding God’s voice.

John Piper and other theologians have been quoted saying to, “If you want to hear God’s voice read His word out loud”. Which is both funny, awesome, and awe-inspiring. God wants to be known and heard so he’s placed his thoughts into our own hands in thousands of languages.

In his book Ten Steps Towards Christ, Pastor Jimmy Evans explains the five main ways God speaks to us and how we can recognize His voice in our lives. The book goes into a lot of detail, but the five main ways Evans’ says God speaks is

- a Still small voice inside our hearts

- Through God’s word

- Through a sense of peace

- Through open and closed doors

- Through other people

I am not discounting all of these ways because there is A LOT of truth to them, but I feel there are a few others as well.

- Nature/ Creation

- Service

- Through Worship

- Using your Spiritual Gifts

For me, God speaks to me the most through nature. Whether that’s bee’s buzzing about my garden, the complexity and balance of nature, or just going on a walk and allowing my mind to process in a stream of uninterrupted consciousness. For me being outside is like being close to God.

Knowing how you hear God best is a great step toward knowing him, abiding and obeying his good and perfect plan.

Great Studies on this topic are

Discerning the Voice of God by Pricilla Shirer

Awaken by Pricilla Shirer

Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby

For Kids


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