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How to Survive the School Carpool Line

Making the School Carpool Line Moments Meaningful

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"It was the best of times and the words of times..." I never knew how applicable this line from Tale of Two Cities would be to not only the French Revolution but to School Carpool Pick up too.

Not only can the traffic around the schools be crazy, but sitting and waiting when you have more than one kid in more than one school can be a test of nerves.

So how do we claim this time and make the most of the moments in the school carpool line, whether you're sitting alone or with a sibling in tow?

Don't get sucked into doom-scrolling social media if you're sitting alone. Use the time to reach out to people, spend time in God's word, read a book, or pray. I've put together a Carpool Line Prayer Guide with some prayer prompts for you. Check it out here.

prayer guide

Go carts with grandpa

If you have siblings in tow, pack a bag of carpool goodies.

Here's what I include in my Carpool Bag:

  • Snacks (not too many, cause dinner isn't too far away)

  • Library Books (something new and unfamiliar really helps)

  • Playing Cards (Go-fish, War, Crazy-8's, Uno, Fart)

  • Sticker Books (Entertainment plus fine motor skills- win-win)

  • Story Cubes (With a roll of dice you can come up with some pretty random stories with your littles) - These often help my youngest and I talk about things that happened in his day too.

Another big win in our car is Adventures stories and Audio Books.

These are my go-to when I've had a rough day and just might need a nap. Here are a few of our favorites.

- We have a few CD collections (Yes, my car is old)

- Streaming is available through their Adventures in Odyssey Club Subscription

- They even have a podcast!

- This is a great adventure series that highlights how science, and the Bible are in

harmony not opposition. There is some great apologetic content, as well as a

Christian worldview on evolution. It has been so fun and faith-building for everyone

in the car.

Adventures in Odyssey Cover

Jonathan Park Adventures Covers

The Giant Killer Cover

Starkeeper Podcast

Hopefully, these tips and resources can help you make the most of your time in the carpool line.

How do you manage the time in the car between pick-up and carpool lines?

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