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Must Read Thanksgiving Books

Thanksgiving in around the corner, and while my kids don’t eat most of the food on the thanksgiving table, we want to not let this holiday get forgotten between Halloween and Christmas.

Last year at this time I wrote on my blog about Not Forgetting Thanksgiving (LINK). But another way we try to remember the heart of thanksgiving is by the books that come out around this time of year. I wanted to share my list with you to help our kids have a heart of thanksgiving. Happy Reading.

There is just something wholesome with resounding nuggets of truth in the Berenstain Bears. In all their books they do an amazing job of presenting kid relatable situations and processing them with grace and understanding. This Thanksgiving version ( there are several others) gives insight in to the who and what of thanksgiving, as well as the beauty and preciousness of life.

Gotta love Charlie Brown. Just the sweet simplicity of the character interactions and the jovial personality of Snoopy, makes this just good Thanksgiving fun.

Eric Metaxas does an amazing job of showing God’s providence through the hard and provision of the young native American brave, Squanto. I truly didn’t know this part of Squanto’s story and I’m so glad I do now.

We love all the God Gave Us books, while there are no polar bears in this tale. It is a sweet look at how we can be thankful even when things change around us. It’s not only a good story about thankfulness, but also a good book any time of year when our kids get overwhelmed with the confusion and changes that happen in a young kiddos life.

Our Family enjoys the What was and Who was Series. This book goes through the facts and events that led up to and during the first Thanksgiving. It is a secular focused book that doesn’t bring in the spiritual sides of this historic event, but it does a great job of walking through the way the Pilgrims and Native American’s worked together.

What is on your kid's thanksgiving reading list?

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