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Tomorrow Is Release DAY!!

Tomorrow is the day, well sorta....

At least it is the day that the Kindle version of my book is available, per an Amazon learning curve slip up. This has been an amazing journey and I am so thank for everyone who has supported me along the way.

Below is a bit about the heart of this book. I hope you add it to your bookshelves (tangibly or virtually) soon.

Little Red has been asked by the king to deliver a basket to a Grandmother on the other side of the woods. It is her task alone, but can she trust herself to stay on the path? Will the Big Bad Wolf lure her to step away from the king’s errand? Can she remember that she’s a child of the King, and trust that she can accomplish her task?

Reclaiming a classic tale to solidify a Biblical truth. Beneath the Hood is an allegorical tale of the Christian faith. We are given the task to be God’s hands and feet, but often forget that our identity rests in being a child of the King of Kings. We are often distracted by the world around us and tempted to leave our faith behind or choose comfort over calling. May this book encourage both parents and children to hold with confidence our identity and purpose as children of God.

The original moral of Red Riding Hood is never trust strangers and obey your parents. Which is wise advice for any child, and has been since the 10th century Europe, when the earliest evidences of this folk tale can be found.

But with Beneath the Hood, I wanted to communicate something more.

Confidence in God’s definition of value and remembering where your identity falls are the key things I want to communicate with this book. Each one of us is on a path in this life. We are all walking towards a goal, but often life is hard and scary. God’s enemy, depicted by the wolves in this tale wants to do everything in his power to distract us and dissuade us from reaching our goal of serving our King of Kings.

But if we remind ourselves of who we are (a loved child fearfully and wonderfully made) and whose we are (an adopted child of God), we can keep our feet firm on the path God has lain out for us and bring him glory in all things.

This story was born out of my own struggle to remember where my identity lies. It took far too long in my life to hold firm to my value and claim as a child of the King. In the back of the book, I put together a list of verses to help remind both you and your kids that we are Children of the King. We're given not only a helmet of salvation, but a crown of life.

Get your copy here, and happy reading!


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