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Again and Again Book Review

Up Up You Go Jo by Mairam Shapera

This month’s Again and Again Review is introducing an indie author.

Not unlike myself, quarantine was a crucible for creativity which brough her debut book Up Up You Go Jo to life.

If you have a young music lover in your home. Up Up You Go Jo is a whimsical adventure of space as well as a fun introduction to music theory. Recognizing music notes is always the first step in learning to play music.

Jo loves music, but his music notes have escaped. Now he’s on an adventure to find his music notes.

Jo’s courage and optimism as well as his parents’ encouragement make this such a heartfelt book. Miriam has captured the sweet spirit of adventure that children have in the character of Jo.

Young children, ages 3-6, will enjoy the whimsy and the look and find aspect of searching for the music notes that Jo has lost.

A great start for Mariam Shapera, I look forward to her future writing adventures.

Join us August 19th at 12PM CST on Instagram Live to hear more about this book and it’s Author.

She is a graduate of the University College of London Medical School and currently work as a Family doctor. She lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and three young musical and outer-space-loving kids. She has always had a passion for writing children’s books and poems but there never seems to be enough time in the day!

After having my 3 curious babies, I sadly suffered a stillbirth. This was at the same time as the COVID pandemic. I felt closer to my children than ever before, and she finally fulfilled her dream.

Her middle child has a big love and talent for music and space! The book, Up, Up, You Go Jo! was inspired by him and dedicated to all children whose love for music and space is out of this world.

Mariam believes a child’s determination and curiosity needs to be constantly met and more with self-questioning beyond just reading and understanding the words.

Learn more about Mariam by following her on Instagram.


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