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Why Retell an Old Story?

I know what you’re asking…Why retell such a basic story? Red Riding Hood has been done and redone SO many times.

A few years back, when all my kiddos weren’t in school, I heard a speaker at our church’s MOPS group talk about RECLAIMING the Moment. How a bad day can be reclaimed by a change in attitude, and a bad attitude can be reclaimed to breathe life into our kids instead of sap life from them.

Let’s just say that phrase has stuck with me. I’ve held on to that phrase so much that it got me thinking what else can I reclaim for God’s glory. It started with reclaiming the craziness at dinner time and adding in a short devo, while kids refused to eat the healthy stuff I’ve put before them. Then it turned in to reclaiming holidays that culture has turned away from their original heart.

Which led me to reclaim the story of Red Riding Hood, as a way to remind myself of who I am and whose I am. This has been a big stumbling block for me in my life. I wanted to write something that spoke to the power of being one of God’s children and that we are capable because of Christ to do what He has place in our path.

To tell you the truth, when I was in the thick of parenting littles, I needed the simple truths of VeggieTales and Children’s books as much as my kids did. When you’re not sleeping much, or able to squeeze in time in God’s word the simple reminders are exactly what we needed.

So, this isn’t just a book for kids, but a book for the ones that are reading the book out loud.

For inside of each of us is still a child that wants to be loved and given purpose no matter how old we are.


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