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A Box for Christmas

a Poem by Valerie Fentress

We snuck downstairs

In the hush of night

With boxes and teddy bears

Packaged up just right

We tucked them neatly

Up under the tree,

Ornaments glistened expectantly

“Oh how excited the children will be.”

Back up the stairs to wait and see

With a handful of treats and cookies.

A few more winks would be the key

To survive the shouts and the ‘look sees’.

Just as our minds ran off to dream

We heard the shouts of Sarah and Dean

“Oh Mommy, Oh Daddy,” they bounced and beamed

“Let’s go see the things Santa did bring.”

We unfolded the sheets of our warm lair,

Walking and yawning out of the night.

Sarah and Dean bounced down each stair,

With the tree in view they froze at the sight.

A wondrous Christmas for all to behold

They rushed to their gifts with all their might

Hoping to quickly be rid of the old,

Wrappings flew high with heavenly delight.

We sat back watching their fast pace.

Dean frowned at his new dress socks,

I laughed at Sarah’s sweet face,

As she exclaimed “It’s a box!”

Fear washed over my heart

We had packed them up so tight.

Had the gift not been there from the start?

I lifted the box and it wasn’t light.

“Look inside to see the surprise.”

But her face was so completely dear.

“This gift is great and completely wise.”

She said smiling from ear to ear.

“It will be strong castle for Molly,

A treasure chest of things you can’t see.

Or a rocking cradle for Dolly,

Oh what great things this box can be.”

Her joy and smile were so precious,

Dean looked quite bewildered.

Sarah’s imagination seemed endless,

But then there was something to be considered.

Taking joy in the seemingly small,

So easy for every little one,

Is a lesson for the big and tall,

To see potential, instead of none.

So the next time your tree is hung

Find the heart within the socks.

To let yourself exclaim,

“My goodness it’s a box.”

Merry Christmas to you all!!


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