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Getting to know all about...


If your going to read this you probably want to know about the person behind the curtain of cyberspace.

Where to begin.

If I was to gather ten people that know me personally, it is quite possible they would have ten different things to say about me. In high school I discovered the art of being a chameleon. I can be boisterous with the extroverts. I can be introspective with the introverts. I can talk about superheroes and action movies. I can enjoy Historical fiction and watch the six-hour version of A&E’s Pride and Prejudice with joy.

The three things that would be the same across the panel would be.

I love God- When I was eleven, God got my attention. I was looking through my baby book, and discovered a journal entry of my Mom’s that said I had a twin sister that died at birth. This discovery really made me question what happens after we die, and who God is. My Mom and a youth pastor at our family church encouraged me to study the Bible, and as I did the truth and conviction of God’s word took hold of my heart. Check out if you have any questions about God.

I love my family- I am a proud momma bear to three amazing and crazy boys. I don’t know how but I’ve always known I’d be a boy mom. Pink makes me gag, and as a kid all my stuffed animals had boy names. Whether it’s how God geared me, or Him granting me the desires of my heart. Most of the time you can find me putting off housework to play with them. I am thankful for my boys, all four of them. Yes, the fourth boy is my husband of seventeen years. We realized a year ago that we’ve now know each other longer than we didn’t know each other, so officially an old couple. About ten years ago my husband and I moved back to the city we grew up in, because most of our extended is in the same metropolitan area, so I guess we love them too.

I love books- I was one of those kids in high school that read all the required reading without a fuss, and then read anything else on a topic of my interest. I’ve heard books called ‘dust collectors’ and my husband rolls his eyes, when I add a book to my “To Read” pile. For me the books on my shelf are old friends I’ve gone on a journey with and each one has moved me or challenged me in one way or another.

These three things are the heart of this blog and all my writing. My hope is that you always feel encouraged, challenged, and moved in this space.

What would be the top three things people you know would say about you?

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Tere Gannaway
Tere Gannaway
Oct 26, 2020

It is so good to hear about you and I can't wait to learn more through your writing. I look forward to your encouragement, being challenged to live a life well in God's eyes, and to embrace your efforts to move this mom and grandmother from where I am today. Happy writing.

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