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How to Insert Biblical Truth in the Everyday Busy

Tips and Tricks to living out Deuteronomy 6:6-9 in your family

This verse is the go-to parenting verse of the Bible.

But there is both so much and so little in here. Overall, it’s pretty generic.

When you walk, when you talk, when you lay down and get up. That’s great Moses, but I need some tangible things in this crazy parenting journey. Because if I try to focus on something other than my kids is usually when something gets messy or destroyed.

So, what do we do with this verse?

Monica Swanson, author of Boy Mom: What your son needs most from You, says this about the above verses.

“These verses remind us that God is integral to every moment of the whole day. Nurturing our children’s faith is not necessarily doing family devotions of compartmentalizing our lives so that our spiritual activities are set aside for one day a week or in one place and the rest of life happens everywhere else. No, all of life is spiritual… Spiritual truths can be naturally woven into our families’ days as we intentionally place reminders around us.”

I love the last sentence of this quote. Spiritual truths can be naturally woven into our families’ days. That is the goal. To make spiritual conversations as natural as breathing and worship of our Lord and King as consistent as brushing your teeth. That may be a bad example for moms, but I hope you get what I’m saying.

Below are my tips and tricks to living out Deuteronomy 6:6-9

When You Sit in Your House

I have three very busy boys, two with ADHD, so sitting down doesn’t happen very often at my house. There is only one time I can ‘almost’ guarantee my kids will be sitting, and that’s when they are eating. So, I have to be intentional with this snapshot of stillness.

This is not deep spiritual conversational talk (at this time), But it is a time we go through a devotional as a family. We’ve done many different types.

Not only is the dinner table a great place for a short devo time, but it is also great for pointing general conversation to a truth about God. Taking every conversation as an opportunity to talk about God and Christian principles is a great way to live out this part of Duet. 6

When you Walk About

When my boys were little, walks were a daily adventure. Sometimes a test of my patience, but always a chance to explore through my kids’ eyes. Everything is amazing to young eyes.

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. Romans 1:20

Thanking God for Sunsets, the buzzing of bees, and how he planned nature so perfectly. Pointing to the stars and saying God knows the name of every star and knows the number of hairs on our heads. These miraculous elements of God are so prevalent we would be a miss not to make those moments count.

Even being intentional in car rides falls in this category. Whether it is listing to worship music. Seeds Family Worship, or even praying for ambulances and motorcyclists without helmets. Every moment is a chance to communicate God’s truth.

When you lay down

Okay this is totally my favorite part of the day.

I love to cuddle in with my kids on an individual basis and just sit there and let their random thought pour out before they shut their eyes. Sometimes we sing a worship song, or a Bible verse song. They even have requests of Amazing Grace, and I am NO singer.

Sometimes that cuddle time is spent looking through a Bible verse if it has been a rather rough attitude day. I can’t say we pray consistently, but mostly at this time of day I want to let them be heard, point them to truth, and help them take a deep breath after a long day.

Now the hubby, can often get a little annoyed with how long I take to put the boys down, and even I can get a little peeved when things don’t go as planned. But then I have to remind myself of my why. Why am I taking the time to cuddle and chat with each of my kids? The answer is all built into the Deuteronomy verse above. I want to build into my relationships with my kids, and I want resting in God to be just as natural as going to sleep at night. So, the time I take is purposeful and precious never wasted.

When you Rise

My kids are early risers, at least when they aren’t required to be somewhere. But on the days when I have to wake them, I do so with songs, a prayer, and a back rub.

I usually started with a Bible Study Fellowship Song called Good morning God. It goes like this

Good morning God,

This is your day,

I am your child,

Show me your way.

Then I pray,

Dear Lord thank you for this day. Thank you for the chance to learn and to play. Guide <insert child name> through this day that they may know and follow your way. (Children’s author, so rhyming tends to happen)

Then I say the verse I’ve chosen for them, and if their still not awake it turns to tickles. Or what I call finding their wake-up button. It’s a sweet and simple routine. Sometimes a kiddo will be awake enough to ask me to stop, but that doesn’t stop me from saying things in my head. Silent prayers are just as powerful as out loud ones.

Write them on your doorstep

When our family was building our home, I struggled with a lot of anxiety. Moving was a big decision, and that is a trust struggle between God and me. So, to help me conquer my fears, I went over to the house during framing and wrote Bible verses, just about everywhere.

Covering my future home in verses and prayers really helped me trust God in the process.

But if that’s not a possibility for you, how about before you paint a room, you write verses on the old paint.

And I know Hobby Lobby and Mardell’s have no short supply of Bible Verse Décor.

Even if those options are out of the budget, picking up small chalkboards at the Dollar Store are great places to cycle Bible verses you want to memorize or you want to communicate something to your spouse while they are doing the dishes.

Front Post between your eyes

This part of the verses seems a little awkward.

While part of me wants to super glue the Golden rule on my kids' foreheads, I think there would be too many questions. So instead of plastering something on their person, I have, again Dollar Store, chalkboards hanging on a command hook on their mirrors. I change the verse from time to time, but when they look in the mirror smack dab between their eyes is a Bible verse.

They may not read it every day, but I know this method has helped my kids memorize scripture. I’m sure it would help yours too.

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