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Again and Again Reviews

Christie Thomas isn’t a new name around here. I reviewed one of her children’s books back in January (Again and Again Review) I have loved seeing her love for her boys over the last few weeks as she launched her new book, The Mother and Son Prayer Journal.

As a mom of three boys, I can find it hard to connect with them and even harder to encourage my busy boys to spend time in God’s word or truly praying from their hearts. This book has been a great resource to give me a connection point to the heart of my kiddos.

Christie has done a masterful job of filling the journal with God's truth and questions that speak to a young kid's heart.

This has been a sweet way to connect with my boys in the evening. Each chapter is full of simple stories and Bible verses that a child ages 6-12 can easily understand and glean truth. Christie has also provided tips for success, when trying to harness busy boys and help them focus. Which even I found useful for myself. We've being using the book in our family devotional time at dinner, and the style and length is perfect. I just might have to buy one for each of my boys, just so I can have their personalized responses in their own book. This is such a treasure.

Happy Reading!

Christie is a wife, mom of three, and longtime Children's Ministry Director. She helps busy Christian moms share the hope of Christ with their kids. Check out her blog at


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