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It's a Blog-Versary!

52 Weeks of Content and Fun

Well, it has been a whole year!!

A whole year since that first post (Save the Best for Last


Fifty-two posts, and 365+ social media blubs. I can hardly believe it

We’ve talked about so many things. Of course, books, but more than that we’ve talked about parenting, mental health, the screen time struggle, holidays, and so much more.​ This week over on social media we'll be talking about the top blog posts of the last year, what you want to see more/less of around here, and on Friday I'll be revealing the cover of my next book. I can't wait to share all of it with you.

I’ve shared with you the launch of my debut Children’s book, Beneath the Hood.

And had a lot of laughs along the way.

Here are the Top Five Posts of the Year

#1) Save the Best for Last- the post that started it all

As we move forward around here, I wanted to let you in on my heart for this blog. Most bloggers call it a manifesto, so as we launch into a new year on this blog, I wanted you to keep me accountable to hold to these values and goals.

Valerie Fentress’ Blog Manifesto

This blog’s main goal is to be a place to encourage people and giving tools and tips to shepherd the kids toward knowing and loving God. Whether through encouraging blog posts, PDFs, and books that direct our hearts to magnify God in all things.

This blog has a Christian worldview, and believes in the Bible as the inspired word of God, the Jesus is the son of God came to earth, died on the cross, rose from the grave, and will return to rule the nations and establish his kingdom on Earth.

I believe as a parent that God has given us the opportunity and responsibility to teach, train, and encourage our kids through biblical teachings.

I also believe in the power of good books. While books are not in short supply, sometimes is if hard to find good books that encourage a love of reading and a love of God. Through book reviews and support of other Christian authors I hope to provide you with good books you’ll be happy to share with your families.

The hope in all of this is that God be magnified.

I would love your input on where to go next. What have you enjoyed, what was meh, and what’s missing around here? Let me know your thoughts HERE

Friday, I’ll have a big announcement for you all.

If you are not already a part of my encouraging community of parents and readers be sure to subscribe here.


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