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The Art of Being Bored

I know as parents we’ve heard this phrase a million times.

The ‘I’m bored’ phrase can almost be as bad as nails on a chalk board. But you know what, I LOVE when my kids say this, why?

If my kids come to me and say ‘I’m bored’ it tells me that I am giving them time to be kids. It tells me, I have created quiet and stillness in our everyday pattern of life. Albert Einstein put it this way, “The monotony of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.” And to be honest, making room for creativity is one of my parenting goals.

In our busy run the rat race culture, we’ve lost the art of being bored. And we’ve passed this on to our kids also. To where they are always wanting to go, go, go and are seeking things, like video games, in an unhealthy fashion to fuel their need to be instantly entertained. Or coming to me for idea in which I respond that I am not your CEO, Chief Entertainment Officer.

We need to shake off the idea that boredom is bad and look for opportunities to encourage boredom. Why? Well American columnist Amy Dickinson puts it this way, "boredom has an important function because pushing through it can unleash creativity".

What is the art of being bored?

It is the he art of taking time to think, breathe, and consider all the thoughts inside your head.

To ask questions of what should I be doing? Why do the clouds look like that, and any other random thought that comes to your head.

When we allow ourselves the time to be bored that is when we start to think beyond ourselves. We start to think of that person we haven’t talk to in a while, or that project that you once were excited about. To allow your brain to work through some of your anxiety even.

Now I won’t deny that boredom in a house of three boys doesn't always end in creative productivity. Sometimes boredom looks like pestering your brother or chasing the dog with a balloon. (Our dog is so afraid of balloons) This is when the Chief Executive Officer needs to step in and give a little direction.

I wish I was the brilliant person that came up with this acronym, and Pinterest is full of different versions, but this is my favorite. Boredom stands for the need to

Be Creative- Outside is calling- Read Something- Exercise or Earn Something- Do something helpful.

With as many times my kids have come to me with the ‘I’m bored’ phrase they have this acronym memorized. Which makes my momma's heart smile, because the next thing I say is if you don’t find something constructive to do (not annoying to your brothers) I will happily find you something to clean or fold.

That usually solves the boredom problem.

What are your tips and tricks to encourage or respond to “I’m Bored.” ?


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