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The Christmas Book Challenge

Are your Christmas decorations up yet?

There seem to be two camps those that put decorations up the day after Thanksgiving, and those that wait till December arrives.

I grew up waiting to put up Christmas décor till my mom’s birthday, two weeks into December. It was (and still it) her favorite holiday and an easy way to celebrate her on her birthday. Waiting to celebrate my mom before entering into the Christmas season was easy enough growing up, but now one of my kiddos has a December birthday six days before Christmas. I can’t wait that long to put up decorations. So we aim for the first weekend in December to get everything up, and my Christmas boy has a birthday Christmas tree to count down to his big day.

By now I think most of my decorations are up. There’s usually a box hiding somewhere that doesn’t make it out or accidently wasn’t put in the right place last year. But one of my favorite Christmas Traditions we started a few years back was a Christmas Book Challenge.

I collected 24 Christmas books and wrapped them up for the kids to open one every night leading up to Christmas. The books start with more secular idea of Christmas leading toward the twenty-fifth book being a Bible, with a book mark in Luke Chapter two.

This tradition helps my impulsive kids scratch the opening wrapping paper itch, and has saved the other gifts under the tree from being dug into.

He’s my list of Christmas books

Who will pull Santa’s Sleigh?

Bernstein Bear's Christmas

Snowmen at Christmas

Santa's Coming to Dallas

The Christmas Mouse (retelling of a Christmas Carol)

The Polar Express

The Carpenter's Gift

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Christmas Bells

The Night Before Christmas

The Bernstein Bear’s- The Joy of Giving

Snowmen at Night

Charlie Brown Christmas

What is Christmas?

God gave us Christmas

Room for a Little One

Santa’s Favorite Story

Ollie's Star

Mortimer’s Christmas Manger

The Christmas Song

The Crippled Lamb

The Christmas Box (homemade book)

What are some of your favorite Christmas books??


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