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What Creativity Isn't

Creativity isn’t what we think it is

"Oh, I'm just not a creative person." or "Wow, you're so creative", are two extremes I seem to hear from the people I know.

When you think of a creative person, naturally our thoughts go toward someone who paints, makes earrings, or has their own etsy shop. But creativity is more than just arts and crafts.

I have three kids, and I can tell you they are all creative, but not all in the same way.

One of my kiddos is highly imaginative and can creative stories out of nowhere.

Another is highly logical and pragmatic, but his creativity comes out in his ability to problems solve, and create step toward a goal.

While my last kiddo is a creative thinker and loves to draw and color with me.

But I would say that each one is creative. So, and what makes you creative or not creative?

Let me take you back to the beginning. The beginning of what? The beginning of everything.

In the Bible, Genesis one talks about how God created the world. I don’t think any one can argue that God was pretty creative when it came to creating. Over twenty thousand different types of fish, ten thousand types of birds, and over six thousand species of mammals. Not one is exactly alike. If you like to know more about God's creation check out the God’s creation check out the Institute for Creation Research’s website or

So, we can say that God is creative, yes?

Then what comes next is just as awesome. God said ‘let us make man in our own image. In the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27.

If God created us in his image, and we all agree that God is creative.

Then we are creative as well, because of the one we were created in the image of.

Say it out loud, I am creative, because God is creative!

Whether that creativity is the ability to throw an inviting party, to organize your family or a construction site, to work with numbers, create software programs, or to even paint something beautiful. Creativity is more in our ability to create rather than what we create.

So how do we turn this creativity label around?

It starts with you and your kids. It starts with how you speak about yourself, and how you encourage your kiddos. Don’t let your kiddos say ‘I’m just not creative’, they are creative because of who made them. It just might look different than the person across the classroom from them. Those differences are what give us value and purpose in our communities.

Being able to recognize our abilities and to recognize and be thankful the abilities of others can change a person’s self-esteem and how they relate to the people around them. For as adults and parents we know how comparison leads to insecurities and self-doubt. Training our kids and how they speak about themselves and think about others is a large step toward a heart and mind that this not hindered by others but encouraged.

Do you consider yourself a creative person?

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01 feb 2021

Well said. Love the vibrant pictures you chose for today’s piece. Also the direction towards our creator.

Me gusta
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