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Why an Easter Bunny Tale?

Wednesday is the Day

I’m buzzing with excitement, terror, and overwhelmed at where God has brought me in the last year.

As we talked about in the last couple weeks around here, it was a challenge to repurpose a large figure in the Easter holiday, the Easter Bunny, to point to Christ.

Back when my oldest was four, I read a book, by Katie Orr, on the topic of keeping Christ in Easter. As my oldest was becoming more aware of holiday traditions, I wanted to be intentional in how we celebrated Easter. While growing up with the Easter bunny didn’t keep me from a true faith in God, I struggled with how that Easter bunny communicated what we celebrate at Easter. So, we tossed out the idea of the Easter Bunny coming to visit and set up a tomb in our living room.

On Good Friday, I had my boys place their empty easter baskets and a wooden cross in the fireplace after we read the Good Friday story in the Jesus Storybook Bible. Then we sealed the tomb with a large piece of cardboard and a lot of tape. Then on Easter morning the ‘stone’ is rolled away and their easter baskets filled with goodies. My boys love this tradition. When we moved houses and the new fireplace could not hold three baskets, we had to get creative, but it is still the kids favorite tradition.

But rooted in my mind was the dilemma that the Easter Bunny didn’t point to Christ. Then on a family road trip around Easter time, the question came back to my mind, and I began to write. I play with the idea for a while, but nothing ever really stuck. Then on a anniversary trip, I decided to bring it along, and in the down time I finished the words. Then it sat again for another year or two.

Then we come to November 2019, and I’m trying to right a YA novel, but just can’t seem to be getting anywhere. So, when My frustration loomed, I decided to take a break from that project. Then 2020 came. When the 2020 quarantine hit, I felt a creative need to put this Easter Bunny story together. Originally it was a creative challenge to myself, and mostly I was hopeful to share it with my nieces and nephews as an Easter gift.

When I gave the book as a gift on Easter, I had this compelling need to share it more. Sometimes even as adults we need truths giving to us like we would a child to remember the hope and joy that is the Easter story.

Originally the main character was a brown bunny that changed to an albino bunny, with red eyes and pink ears to communicate that the blood of Christ washes us white as snow.

But some early readers felt that a brown bunny changing to a white bunny was insensitive to people of color.

I was shocked that this inference was made, which was not my heart in this story. But even if one person found offense and the gospel message missed, I knew I couldn’t move forward with this book.

The story went through another story edit, and thankfully my illustrator was available to adjust the images and the version is what is available this week.

I am so thankful for the transformative work this book has done in my life. It has brought me to a place of taking a step of faith in publishing and has grown me in my faith in the Lord in so many ways.

I hope you enjoy this piece of my heart, and that it can become one of your own family traditions. Available Here on March 2nd.

Will you listen to the Easter Bunny’s Tale?

Let him tell you the tale of how everything has changed, even himself.

Follow a little gray rabbit, as he discovers a familiar voice in a garden one night. The man is God in the flesh, of this he is sure, and he cannot help but follow Him, as he is captured and put on trial. The little rabbit is confused at what he sees. Then he hides in a fresh cave. As he waits, he discovers the true source of transformation. Now he can't wait to tell you and his friends about the good news he has found.

Available on my website is a coloring book to share with your kids this Easter.

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