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Always Books For Christmas

All right it is officially December, and the Christmas lists are starting to pile on my desk. But what my kids, nieces, and nephews don’t know is…. they will always get books from me for Christmas.

Yes, they will get one or two other things, except last year I might have gotten my 10-year-old four multiple-book series…. he’s my ravenous reader he loved it. Don’t send the hate.

So what books are on the gift list this year?

For my 8 and 5-year-old niece it will be, Who God Wants me to Be by Crystal Bowman and Michelle S. Lazurek.

For my 12-year-old niece it will be Inside the Ten-foot Line by Lori Z. Scott, my niece is a volleyball star so this will be perfect.

For my 5-year-old nephew, it will be Little Pilgrims Progress by Helen L. Taylor. This book is intended for grades 2-5, which is a little above his reading level at this time. But I know it is a classic he will grow into, and his parents will enjoy reading to him.

For my 15-year-old nephew- Escape the Everglades by Tim Shoemaker A suspense mystery sounds like a winning combo for a boy adventuring into manhood.

For my 13-year-old nephew- Raising Dragons by Brian Davis.

For my 10-year-old dinosaur/dragon-loving nephew- Dragons Among Us by Ted and Rachelle Dekker

I’ll leave out the ones I’ll be giving my kids, cause well they can read, and they often pop over my shoulder when working on this blog.

But why do I go out of my way to get books for the kiddos in my life?

I heard it said once, If you’re not a reader, you just haven’t found the right book.” Every person (Even Me) goes through stages of the feast of famine with books.

There are seasons I don’t do much reading, and others I go through two books a week.

But my goal is to provide quality books to the kids I love and those who read my books. The goal is, to foster a love of reading.

Not everyone in my family is a reader, but if they don’t have the opportunity to see a book, they might have an interest in, the desire to read might be lost.

So, in those quiet moments of Christmas, or the hours of travel taken, I want kiddos to reach into their bag of new goodies and pull out a book that will speak to their heart.

What are the things you always get for your kids?

Toothpaste in stockings is one of my In-law’s go-to gifts.

Be sure to join me on Instagram and TikTok as I count down the 25 Books of Christmas


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