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Again and Again Book Review

This month we’re taking a look at Charity Rios’ My Heart’s Garden.

This delightfully illustrated tale of a young boy letting the lies of bullies fill his heart and his grandmother's teaching him how to tend the Garden of his Heart with God’s truth.

This sweet rhyming tale does a great job of showing how words affect our hearts and actions. Then also leading us to listen to the truth of God’s word to tell us who we are and where our value is.

This is a great book for early grade school kids who are just beginning to experience the sometimes-rough waters of classmate relationships.

While I struggled a little with vagueness of the “Father Gardener”, my kids picked up on the imagery and loved the tangibility of God being like a gardener. Even the analogy of the importance of what we put in our Heart's Garden and making sure to tend the weeds with God's truth was very relatable to my kiddos.

Charity Rios’ also has a workbook to go with the book, which I don’t have at this time, but I can see how the resource would be helpful to walk kids through the emotional depth this book provides.

I hope you and your family will enjoy reading it again and again.

Charity is a Jesus follower, Wife and Boy Mama to 4 of the wildest, and squishiest sets of dimpled cheeks. Most days you can find her top knottin’ it, totin’ potties and rollin’ in the mini. The power of the gospel is her melody and unleashing women and children from captives into warriors is her passion. She is the author of the children’s book My Heart’s Garden. Charity also has a Masters in Higher Education and has been a Children’s Pastor, Church Planter, Teacher, and is a speaker. Learn more about Charity Rios at

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